Independent Scientific Advisory Committee

The independent committee was comprised of government officials, academicians, scientists, and humane association members with all having been selected by the Chairman of the Committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis to review the science and make recommendations to the UEP Producer Committee.

Since approximately 95% of U.S. egg production is from hens kept in cages, the logical starting point for the Scientific Advisory Committee was the development of recommendations to ensure caged production was humane. The recommendations and guidelines within UEP's first Animal Husbandry Guidelines published in October 2000, were based upon those recommendations made by the Scientific Advisory Committee. A goal was also set to eventually publish guidelines to cover cage-free egg production.

In 2006, the Scientific Committee was requested by UEP to undertake the assembly of recommendations for the production and management of hens housed under cage-free conditions. The recommendations would be combined with those for cage egg production to comprise a comprehensive guideline for egg producers. The guidelines presented in this publication represent the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee for best husbandry practices to assure the welfare of hens managed under cage and cage-free conditions.

Current 2010 Scientific Advisory Committee Members:
• Dr. Patricia Y. Hester, PhD (Chairwoman) -Purdue University
• Bill Chase, DVM -Kestrel: Inc. -Private Veterinarian
• Gail Golab, DVM -American Veterinary Medical Association
• Joy Mench, PhD -University of California Davis
• Ruth Newberry, PhD -Washington State University
• Janice Swanson, PhD -Michigan State University
• Paul Thompson, PhD -Michigan State University
• Dr. Jeffrey D. Armstrong, PhD (Consultant) California Polytechnic State University